Unfortunately, we are closing shop on December 31. ALL of our pups are available, some Adults, too!


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Cane Corso, Rottweiler & American Bully Breeder in Douglasville

HGE Kennels has been a premiere breeder for over 5 years, based in Douglasville, GA. We offer a stellar bloodline of German Rottweilers, American Bullies and Cane Corsos imported from Europe and worldwide, and we sell to customers nationwide. We pride ourselves on quality in breeding and raising the most ...

Professional Breeding You Can Trust

We have but a few selected litters per year. When our puppies are born, they are monitored closed-circuit, in a climate controlled whelping room where they receive an insurmountable amount of love, care and are acclimated to the human touch. Whether you’re looking to become a breeder yourself, or for a loving pet ...