Terms and Conditions

1.) Call Us to begin the Screening requirement process where we start to get to know you and ask questions regarding you and your family, experience level, expectations on both sides, wants, needs, family or individual’s activity level. These questions allow us to best match our puppies with their families and determine which of our pups, if any, are a good fit for you. We go further in discussion on particular needs for the dog and breed. This stage of the conversation sets the stage to help mentor and work with each other to develop a puppy’s profile to fit your individual situation and needs. We review criteria and sections of our contract.

2.) Contract is then emailed to the potential puppy buyer for review and approval.

3.) When contract is signed, returned and deposit is submitted, Non-refundable/Transferrable deposit is signed and dated, and client will be placed on waiting list. (We do not place individuals on waiting list without these requirements)

4.) Client on the waiting list will then receive updates via email, pm, or text message in regard to heat cycle, confirm pregnancy and delivery, weekly puppy updates as they grow with notes of development and personality of puppies.

5.) Balance of Puppy is due at 5 weeks of age all funds are to be paid to HGE (Janice Israel). Any puppy that is not fully paid for goes back up for sale, deposit is then moved to the next litter. Depending on the timeliness (when you inform us of your decision to not get a pup), up to 20% of your deposit will go towards getting the pup ready for its next owner. See number 9 below.

6.) At 6-8 weeks of age, we administer the first initial puppy aptitude test and send out in the order the deposit is received.

7.) At this point, puppies will start being selected based off Client profile, needs, past conversation and puppy application, testing (puppy personality, energy level, stubbornness).

8.) All puppies are enrolled in a Puppy Kindergarten program with Sit means Sit, that will begin at 9 weeks of age. Nine weeks of age until six months is a critical time period in puppy development with proper socialization and training needs to begin at this time in order to continue to have a well-balanced dog. Any puppies not picked up or transported by this age will automatically begin training, and the client will pay $250 per week until departure.

9.) Puppy Deposit Transfers can be transferred to a new litter if quality, gender, or litter has not been born.

Transfer request on new litter/puppy has to be made prior to litter/puppy reservation from another Client made.