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Cane Corso, Rottweiler & American Bully Breeder in Douglasville

HGE Kennels has been a premiere breeder for over 5 years, based in Douglasville, GA. We offer a stellar bloodline of German Rottweilers, American Bullies and Cane Corsos imported from Europe and worldwide, and we sell to customers nationwide. We pride ourselves on quality in breeding and raising the most beautiful, intelligent, and loyal pups. We take a keen interest in our breeds temperament, stability and confidence, so those qualities are passed along the bloodline.

When we started our endeavors, I sought out to create an elite, healthy, sound, distinct line of my own. Each year, we offer a select number of Puppies to qualified homes. If you would like to be a part of our HGE Family, please review our availability, prices & policies, purchase process, and ownership requirements detailed on our pages, and contact us. We look forward from hearing from you.

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