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We have but a few selected litters per year. When our puppies are born, they are monitored closed-circuit, in a climate controlled whelping room where they receive an insurmountable amount of love, care and are acclimated to the human touch. Whether you’re looking to become a breeder yourself, or for a loving pet for your family, all of our puppies come with AKC, ABKC or ICCF registration papers, and a clean bill of health from our veterinarian, Dr. Michael Kay of Hwy 5 Animal Hospital.

We are licensed pet dealers in Douglasville, GA. State of GA Lic. # 36-36119140.

Our goal is to provide every customer with a top pedigree and purebred puppy. We take pride in our family. Our pups are socialized with older pups, adult pups and children of all ages. In every breeding we have produced beautiful, intelligent, healthy, and working ability puppies.

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