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Cane Corsos- born January 30!! 6 girls & 4 boys

Their first litter produced 4 grey brindles, 2 solid blue, 3 solid black and 1 black brindle! The vet says these are the biggest pups she's seen!

2 black brindle girl left

4 grey/blue boys left

2 grey/blue girls left

Pictures updated on site every Monday!

Pups will be utd on shots and dewormed.

Obsidian Maximillion is a Solid Black male. 100% Cane Corso. He is guardian through and through. But disciplined due to hard work and stability.

He has an impeccable bloodline, even his great grands were champions. He hails from Legacy Kennels in North DC.

Azalea is a sugar momma. She is a Reverse Grey Brindle. Her temperament showed that this pairing would be predisposed to be healthy, happy and wise. They compliment eachother perfectly. She is a product of Ironstone Kennels in Southern Maryland. 

Both are UKC & ICCF registered. 3rd & 4th generation pedigrees on site and upon request. This means, the pups will be/can be registered with the Club and the Federation.

Embark DNA & Health testing completed. Results:

Obsidian is 100% Cane Corso and healthy with NO increased risks for genetic conditions. 

Azalea is listed as 93.9% Cane Corso and 6.1 % Neopolitan Mastiff & Rottweiler (traces). NO increased risks for genetic conditions. For Azalea: Embark for low ALT, which is NOT a health condition, but rather she tested on the low end of the normal reference range. 

This is the beginning of our Corso bloodline. Their pups will be triple-registered for working class and show class. Obsidian and Azalea are going through board and train and further testing for family types will be made on the pups.

Working dogs. Azalea has been known to hunt on our 6 acres. And Obi always brings something back!

They fit the traditional standard and come from long reputable breeders. They are both great on leash, off leash, he's a goofball and she's super laid back. Until they snap into guardian mode. 

They are acclimated to indoors, will be acclimated to outdoors, crate training and kennels. They are being farm-raised with children of all ages and are socialized with other dog breeds, as they grow.

We require a non-refundable, but transferable deposit ($500($1000 if you want the ears cropped)) to reserve a HGE Kennels Cane Corso puppy. This goes towards food, training, testing and just so we know you really want the pup! Remaining balance is due by the puppy 5-week birth date if not paid by 5 weeks, the puppy is forfeited and will be available to the public again.

Transportation can be provided for additional cost, or you can pick up here in Douglasville, GA.

Upon deposit, you will get access to the CCTV in the whelping room to see your little one grow! 

Breeding Prospects $3000- this is a process that will include exchange of kennel/pedigree information in order to maintain the line and keep integrity of the breed. Under NO circumstances will someone with no knowledge of pedigrees/ bloodlines be allowed to breed these animals. There will be a clause in the contract/application that refers to spaying/neutering at 2 years of age. Please understand that this is non-negotiable. This is a special breed and we will not contribute to the dilution of the breed. 

$2500 NO breeding rights

Companion/Pet $2000, limited to 2 per litter and dependent on size of litter.

Tails docked and dewclaws have been removed. Ears will be cropped upon request with $1000 deposit in. You also have the option of getting the ears cropped on your own. The deposit will then be $500.

Microchipped if requested. 

Pups will also have on leash beginners training. The pups will start testing at 7 weeks for temperament. At this time, you'll be able to select your pup. We do this so your pup matches your home life.

The puppy pack consists of registration papers (if applicable), vet checks, deworming at intervals, new pup kit and a copy of the complete guide to the Cane Corso! Pups will be crate and potty training will be started and socialized.

If I have your pup past 8 weeks, they will undergo basic training here in Douglasville. (At cost to the new owner/see purchasing policies).

HGE Family Companions are structurally healthy, stable dog, without unidentifiable falter of Breed Type.

Please understand a Cane Corso is NOT a first time dog owner type of dog. Be sure to check out the FAQ about the Cane Corso!

Each litter HGE produces is planned and produced for one-purpose: bringing forth the next generation of HGE excellence. We do not produce litters for the Sole purpose of sales, however we cannot keep them all, so we make limited puppies available to the public upon Puppy Application Approval. The People we choose to add to our HGE family have to meet a strict criteria and ownership requirement, proving their family is the best possible home. At HGE we start with the best to produce the best puppy that comes from correct functional structure, intelligent, healthy stock.


$3,000.00 starting

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